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Hi, Pixies. Can you believe that we're almost reached December? I certainly can't. I've seen this tag making the blogger/YouTuber rounds for a while and I've finally caved in and jumped onto the band-wagon. As, like I said, we are practically in Winter I've changed the questions slightly by mixing up the original tag questions and some of the questions from one of my favourite bloggers, Celine. One last thing before I start, I tag all of you reading to take part in this tag!

01. Favourite candle scent? My favourite 'Christmassy' (I honestly don't know if that is even a real word) scent is Yankee Candle's Christmas Cupcake. I bought one for my Grandma last year and whenever I go round to visit I always grab a cheeky sniff as it just smells so good! I've been trying to find it again this year but so far I can't find any shop that stocks it so I may just have to put it on my Christmas list.

02. Favourite hot drink - Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate? Every year without fail my top favourite hot drink is the Starbucks Gingerbread Latte, I have a hunch that I may be slightly addicted to it as I always feel a small pang of sadness when they stop selling them. When I can't get to Starbucks my other favourite drink is a good old cup of tea - strong, tiny bit of milk and two sugars, please!

03. What are your top three Winter essentials? A cosy jumper or cardigan, my trusty Baby Lips lip balm and a pair of Primark's super cosy tights.

04. Hats or Scarfs? Oh, I love them both but if it came down to it I think I'd have to choose scarfs as they have the ability to jazz up any outfit.

05. Favourite Winter song/album? It changes from year to year really. My favourite song at the moment is Ariana Grande's cover of Last Christmas.

06. Favourite Winter film? The Santa Clause trilogy and Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas. They always get me into the festive spirit and I can't wait to share them with my little cousin as they are just adorable.

07. What is your favourite part about Winter? This may sound odd to some but I actually really enjoy Christmas shopping. There's something very festive about buying presents for family and friends while admiring all the pretty fairy lights that are covering every single shop. Although after a couple of hours the repetitive Christmas songs do slightly bug me.

08.  Which makeup trend do you prefer - winged eyeliner or dark lips? I'm going to have to choose dark lips as I'm hopeless at doing winged eyeliner, heck, I still struggle with normal eyeliner!

09. What is your best Autumn/Winter memory? Spending time with my Mum, brother, Grandma and Jasper. It's always been a tradition of ours that Grandma stays over on Christmas Eve and we then all open our presents on Christmas Day around the tree - with Jasper stealing all the wrapping paper.

10. What is your most worn jumper? My black knitted jumper with owls and fair-isle print, it's so warm and I love owls so it's a win-win.

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  1. Oooh I haven't tried that Starbucks coffee yet, sounds so damn good

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