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In order: Yogurt, Dark Brown, Horseradish and La-La

Hi Pixies and welcome to my first review of 2014! Today I've going to be reviewing the much talked about brand, NYX Cosmetics, in particular, their Jumbo Eye Pencils and Mega Shine lipgloss. If you are from America or other parts of the world then I'm sure that you have already heard of these products, but for anyone who is from the UK (like me) we are slowly starting to see this brand finally cross the pond after a long and much-desired wait, and for those of you who are interested I picked up these items from Next in West Quay, Southampton (you can find the full list of stockists here.)

The first items that I'm going to talk about are the famed Jumbo Eye Pencils. They are extremely hyped about in the beauty community and seem to have an aura of 'cult status' that surrounds them so naturally, I gravitated towards these straight away. The three colours that I picked up were 'Yogurt' - a dusty rose gold colour that also appears to have a slight silver shimmer, 'Horseradish' - a colour that I can only describe as a mermaidy (yes I know that's not a proper word) pale green, again, with  a slight silver shimmer and lastly, 'Dark Brown'- a matte dark brown that I think would be perfect if you wanted to shake up the usual smokey eye look.

I found that all three of the colours applied extremely well and stayed in place with very little smudging ('Dark Brown' did stray slightly around the corners of my eyes but it was easily removed with a cotton bud, most nothing too terrible.) When I applied them they had a very soft, almost silky texture and were easily buildable with two or three layers, depending on who vibrant you want the colour payoff to be, although the colour pay off is very good to begin with so it really is a personal preference on how much you want the colour to pop. The Jumbo Eye Pencils retail at £5 each.

The last item that I picked up was another of their munched raved about products, the Mega Shine lipgloss in 'La-La' - a rose pink with tiny little gold flecks. This is the first lipgloss in a long time that I've found to not be super sticky, yes it's sticky when you first apply it to your lips but once it's on it's not attracting every single hair on your head to its sticky clutches. I found that it stayed in place - until I had a cup of tea and it came right off so I suggest keeping this on hand if you're going out anywhere where food or drink may be, apart from that it ticks all the boxes of what I like in a lip gloss, a pretty colour, hint of shimmer, tastes nice and is great for both a day to day and evening look. The Mega Shine lip glosses retail at £6 each.

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