Random babble on a poorly day

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Hi pixies! You'd think that with this sudden burst of sunshine that maliciously appeared outside my window this morning that I'd be happy and motivated for the day ahead, but no, sadly fate is being a cruel pain in the arse and has instead made me sick (nothing to life threatening, just a cough and headache), meaning that I have to stay cooped up at home and miss out on all the sunny fun. Typical really, the one time that it hasn't been chucking it down with rain I get poorly.

I wasn't sure about what I wanted to blog about today so I've decided to just go with the flow and see what I come up with, in short sorry if you're reading this and it makes utter nonsense! I did think about writing a 'Life Update' post but I know that there's people out there who I'd rather not know what I've been up to (not in that way! Goodness!) so I guess that will have to be something that I'll consider writing in the future, although in short I can say that I've had a few lovely days out with friends and had a great time, I know that's not much to go on but hopefully you all understand.

So, throwing my one women pitty party to one side, I'm currently cuddled up on the sofa with Jasper (who has now grown so bloody strong that he squishes me whenever he sleeps on my chest at night - it's official, I'm now weaker than a Lhasa Apso!) and we're currently watching a ton or random Tv shows on Netflix, we've just started on season one of Charmed, something that I haven't watched since I was probably seven and I can't believe that I'd forgotten how good it is.

Along with the mammoth television session is the obligatory endless cups of tea (milk and two sugars please.) I think that I've now managed to get through six cups, not too sure how healthy that actually is, oops.

Just quickly, going off on a complete tangent, did anyone else see Beyoncé on the Grammys the other night? (Stupid question as I'm guessing most of you probably did) but bloody heck! How can one women look that amazing! She's just mind blowingly talented and (I personally think) such a good role model.)

Well I think that I'm going to leave it there for now otherwise I'll be rabbiting on for days and this post will be ridiculously long and boring.

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