lush snow fairy.

Hi, Pixies! In case you weren't already aware, I'm a huge fan of Lush cosmetics and fun fact for you, I live in the town where Lush was created. One of the items in my stocking this Christmas was the Lush 'Snow Fairy' shower gel and as I've never been able to get hold of it before now (as it sells out ridiculously quickly in my local shop) I thought that now would be the perfect time to do a review.

The first thing that hits you when you open the bottle up is the smell, it's pure bubblegum and has a very sickly sweet smell that reminds me of the candy-floss that you get a Disneyland. Now I personally love anything that has a sweet smell but  I'd recommend staying clear of this product if super sweet and sickly smells make you queasy as it can be quite overpowering at times.

The second thing that really stands out to me is the actual colour of the shower gel, just like its smell it's a bright bubblegum/barbie pink, so you'd never have to worry about losing it amongst your other shower products as it stands out easily, something that's pretty handy when you have shampoo in your eyes!

Now to the real issue here, does it actually do what it says on the bottle and get you squeaky clean? As after all, isn't that the point of a good shower gel? Well, I can honestly say that it does indeed. It doesn't leave your skin sticky, instead leaving it nice, soft and smooth, I've also found that a little goes a long way so if you use it sensibly and not all in one go then it should, by rights, last you for quite a while (depending on what size bottle you have.) I think that the only negative point that I can raise is that Snow Fairy is a limited edition Christmas product so it's sadly unavailable for eleven months out of the year, so I defiantly recommend stocking up whilst it's still in shops. I believe that the prices start at around £3.95 and get more pricey depending on the size of the bottle.


  1. This sounds lovely...I'm yet to try it myself! *sad face*


  2. I received a bottle of snow fairy for Christmas too, it smells so great. also your blog is fab! if you have a minute could you check out my blog...


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