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Hi Pixies! A few weeks ago I was very kindly given a 20% off code towards a piece of jewellery of my choice by Black Tied Jewellery. Now even though I was given a discount this will not affect my review in any way, in fact I had been eyeing up their necklaces for quite a while before hand and I was just very lucky to be offered this.

I decided to treat myself to this absolutely stunning Light Crystal Donut (with gold chain) Necklace* (£18). I'm a huge fan of dainty jewellery as I find that bigger, statement pieces just look ridiculous on me because they're normally the same size as my head (short person problem!). 

I decided upon the Crystal Donut necklace because, despite its fragile appearance it stands out and can really pull an outfit together. You see, depending on which way the sunshine hits the crystal, it changes colours, giving you the feeling that you're wearing your own personal baby rainbow. I also like that the chain is very long as it allows you to adjust how low the pendant hangs by doubling up the chain. 

I also expected the necklace to be very heavy as the crystal itself is quite large, but I'm pleased to say that it's actually as light as a feather, so my worries about it constantly hitting me in the chest whenever I walked are nonexistent.

Now, bit of a confession. I don't have my own PayPal account so my Mum's lovely friend ordered the necklace for me so I have to go on what she said, and I quote, “The service and delivery I received was very good and everything went smoothly." Now I'm going to take that as a very good sign and add that the necklace was safely wrapped up and I loved the little leopard print bag it was packaged in, you know what they say, even the little details matter.

I honestly can't recommend Black Tied enough. From the excellent service that I received to their wide variety of jewellery that even the fussiest of people will love, right down to the quick delivery times this is a company that have got it right. I'm defiantly going to be buying more things from them in the future and I can't wait to see what the new seasons bring as I'm currently obsessed with their whole Spring & Summer collection.

For more details please contact the Black Tied Website, Twitter or Facebook

1 comment

  1. This is gorgeous! I really like a lot of the black tied pieces I've seen! xx


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