IKEA Wishlist

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IKEA Wishlist

I don't think there's anyone more obsessed with IKEA than my Mum, she is always looking through the latest catalogue and getting ideas on different ways she can spruce up the house and I guess that it's through her that I've developed my own mini obsession with the shop, especially it's bedroom furniture. 

Carrying on from my last post, my March goals where I mentioned wanting (and desperately needing) to spring clean/tidy my bedroom I put together this mini wish list/idea guide of the furniture that I'd like to redecorate my room with. The three main pieces that I'm after is the much raved about Malm dressing table that I've seen popping up in various Youtuber's room tours, basically I have no room to, one, store my make up and two, do my make up. 

I've also been eyeing up the square storage cubes for a long time now as I simply have far too much crap and not enough place to keep it all (namely DVDs, yep I'm a hoarder!)  plus it would make my room look a lot cleaner and less of a jumble sale once everything is neatly tucked away in the cubes with my Tv on top, maybe I'll even be able to bet to the DVD player for once.

The third item that I'd like is a simple bedside table. At the moment I have a old fabric storage box that I've had for years by the side of my bed that's full with odds and ends that I can't even get to as there's even more stuff piled on top. It would also stop Jasper taking everything off the top of the box and claiming it as his own, I'll finally be able to keep my television remote safely in one place without the fear of finding yet another set of doggy teeth marks on it.

The last few bits are miscellaneous. I just saw them on the Ikea website and thought that they looked quite cute, personally I think that you can never have enough candles or photo frames (that probably why I have so much stuff that I need to get rid of in the first place, put me on  The Hoarder Next Door ASAP.)

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  1. That candle is beautiful! I think your right about not having too many. I have tons! When I move my hubby and I really want the cube shelfs for our second lounge/game room. We ant to pain behind each square a different colour and have loads of them to put lots of games consolesincluding old ones from 80's and 90's :)


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