what i've loved this week.

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♥ Seeing my two best friends and having a Domino's pizza party.

♥ The Wear Eponymous Twitter party on Wednesday evening. 

The whole WE team is amazing and I met some lovely new friends too!

 Dailymix Beauty Bootcamp 2014.
'Let It Go' from Frozen. I can't wait to the the DVD.
 Cafe Nero's strawberry & vanilla frappé.
 The second part of Once Upon A Time, Series 3.
The Conjuring (I love a good horror movie).
♥ Mentally planning a trip to Disneyland Paris (and then realizing that I cant afford it!)
♥ My little cousin's 3rd birthday. He's just so cute!
♥ Finding all my old Nirvana CD's. 
♥ All the shops getting the rest of their Spring/Summer stock in. Jelly shoes & swimming cossies!
♥ Reaching 240 Bloglovin' followers! Thank you!!

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