afternoon in wimborne.

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This afternoon Mum and I decided that it would be nice to drive thirty-ish minutes up the road to have a look around Wimborne while the sunshine was out. I've visited Wimborne many times over the years, partly as my Nana used to live there and it's also just a nice, cute little place in general. 

We stopped for a afternoon drink at the local Costa. Have you ever tried their raspberry and white chocolate frappe? It tastes bloody amazing! You haven't lived if you've not tried it!

Square Records is my absolute favourite shop in Wimborne. The sheer amount of vintage and hard to find CDs and Vinyl's they have is mind-boggling. Now if I can just save up enough money to buy a record player than I can go ahead and buy all the David Bowie vinyl.

I only picked up two little things: a paperback copy of The Hobbit from a charity shop as I lost my first copy somewhere over the years and I also found a CD of Nirvana at the '94 MTV Unplugged - which I've been on the hunt for forever. Score! 


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