the british tag.


 After seeing this tag making the rounds for the past few weeks I decided to give it a go myself. Also, a big thank you to the lovely Sammi from Beauty Crush for being the mastermind behind the tag. So now that I have my cup of tea, let's get cracking! 

01. How many cups of tea do you have a day & how many sugars? Well I've just brewed my fourth cup, so we're looking at at least five or more. Also, for anyone who's interested I like my tea strong with a bit of milk and two sugars.
02. Favourite part of your roast? Shocking confession; I don't actually like roast dinners that much. I do have a fondness for Yorkshire Puddings though.
03. Favourite dunking biscuit? I tend to go through phases when it comes to biscuits. At the moment I quite like chocolate digestives.
04. Favourite quintessentially British pastime? Ever since I was little I've always loved going to the countryside and just having a nice little walk, looking at all the wildlife and things like that. Does that count?
05. Favourite word? Ummm... My mind's gone blank. Probably Scone as you get to argue with people about how you pronounce it.
06. Cockney rhyme slang? Apples and Pears - stairs. That's literally all I know!
07. Favourite sweet? Worther's Originals - I'm not a big sweet person, wouldn't say no to a bit of chocolate though.
08. What would your pub be called? Trying to think of pub names and all I can't think of is The Leaky Cauldron, which is obviously taken... Ermm... 'Tea + Treats'? (That's not rubbish at all!) 
09. Number 1 British person? Either William Shakespeare or Kate Middleton or Tom Hiddleston (please don't make me choose!!!)
10. Favourite shop/restaurant? Topshop, Jack Wills (despite never being able to afford anything.) I just like looking at their decor, it's so pretty and Primark. As for restaurants; there's a few cute little cafes near where my Grandma lives that sell amazing quiches & fruit teas.
11. What British song pops into your head? Not a song per say, but anything by the Spice Girls.
12. Marmite. Again, as with dunking biscuits it really depends. Somedays I can't get enough of it and then the next day I can't stand the stuff.

I tag: 
Jennifer | Jennifer's Journal
Vicki | VictoriaJanex
Sophie | Darling Sophie
Laura | Laura's All Made Up
And anybody who fancies giving this a go - doesn't matter where you live!



  1. Thank you for nominating me, this looks fun to do!
    Love VictoriaJanex

  2. Thanks for the tag Jade, definitely doing this! Sounds like just my cup of tea ;)

    Laura x


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