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This week saw the return of one of my all time favorite programs, American Horror Story. Now into its forth season we are thrown into the world of the weird and wonderful Freak Show (if you fancy reading my review of series three/Coven click here.) Set in 1950's Jupiter, Florida the first episode introduced us to a cast of new characters portrayed by a horde of regular American Horror Story actors. Jessica Lange as Elsa Mars, a ex-cabaret performer turned Ringmaster from pre-war Berlin. Evan Peters as Jimmy Darling - a man born with 'lobster hands' and Sarah Paulson, who is playing two characters this season, Dot & Bette: the two headed women. The fact that Katy Bates and Angela Basset are returning from last year to portray a bearded women and a lady with three breasts is enough to peek anyone's curiosity I'm sure.

There's not a lot that I can say due to the fact that it will spoil it for all of you, this is certainly one of those shows that's best to go into spoiler free as you truly get the full effect of horror and suspense, although I can see this being a lot darker, along the lines of how crazy Asylum was rather than the slightly more campy vibe that accompanied Coven (yes I did like Coven, but it wasn't as dark as previous series.) The one downside that I can see with Freak Show is that terrifying clown! They scare me to death at the best of times so how I'm going to cope in not too sure. Can we maybe just wrap that storyline up nice and quick please? In short, if you love anything spooky, dark, macabre, etc then I'm positive that this show will be right up your street and if any of the previews for the coming weeks are anything to go by then this looks as if it will be the best series yet.


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