little lush haul.

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luxury lush pud bath bomb: £3.50 | sparkly pumpkin bubble bar: £3.50 | snow fairy shower gel: £3.75

I went into Lush with the intention of just picking up a new bottle of Snow Fairy shower gel. I'm quite proud of myself in the fact that I've managed to make my bottle from last Christmas last until a few days ago, but the thought of not having that little pink bottle of shimmery magic was enough to make me rush into town to pick up a new one as soon as they were released. I think my downfall was the moment that my eyes fell upon the amazing Winter display that my local Lush shop have set up, I was drawn into it's glitter covered depths before I could stop myself. I ended up walking away with not just Snow Fairy but the classic Luxury Lush Pud and one that I can't remember seeing before; the Sparkly Pumpkin. What can I say, I'm a sucker for Lush products,they just smell so good! 


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