la la land.

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Sometimes you are blissfully scrolling down your social media feeds when all of a sudden something catches your beady eyes. This very thing happened to me a few days ago on Instagram. I was just having a peek at what the world and it's wife were up to when all of a sudden this amazing Addams Family hair bow appeared on my screen. Filled with awe and curiosity I clicked onto the page and stumbled upon an brilliant online shop called La La Land selling an array of pop culture and unique jewellery, stationary and other bits and pieces. I instantly fell head over heels in love with at least twenty-plus things and decided to put my top favorites in a small wishlist post for you all to see.


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  1. Oh how cool! I've never heard of this site either but now I'm having a good nose around it!
    Those blogger pencils are hilarious haha.

    Best wishes, Danielle xo


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