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Happy new year everyone, welcome to 2015 and all that jazz. Now I've never really been one to make a list of  resolutions every January simply because, firstly, I never end up sticking to them - I end up breaking them within the first 24 hours and secondly, I just don't really see the point in them. Instead I prefer to give myself goals/tasks, or something to want to achieve within or throughout the year.  So without further ado, here is my list of goals for 2015.

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• Spring clean my bedroom, make-up, wardrobe and bookcase — I have far too much clutter that I simply just don't use or wear and I've pretty much run out of space to put anything.

• Learn how to cook — Knowing how to make toast and the odd omelet isn't acceptable anymore. I really should be able to use more than the toaster.

• Stop biting/grow my nails — Touch wood, so far so good. 7 out of 10 now are somewhat acceptable enough to (very shoddily) paint. At least they have the white tips on them which is a good sign.

• Use older technology more — Living in a world where you can find almost anything on the Internet in less than a few seconds has made me all nostalgic for 'older' gadgets. Time to go back to basics, dig out my Walkman (which actually used to be my mum's before I had it), my old Gameboy Color and get to grips with my fantastic Christmas present of a record player. 

• Save, save, save — Finally learn to save money, like actually save a decent amount of money and don't get tempted into buying things that I really don't need. (I'm looking at you Topshop and your far too tempting window displays - repeat after me: 'I do not need another jumper/skirt/pair of jeans')

• Try to eat healthier — No more trips to Greg's and Maccy D's in my lunch break, also no skipping meals, that's not good either. 

• Read more books — For a huge bookworm like myself it's kind of shocking that I haven't read a book cover to cover in the past few months. There's quite a few out there that I want to read so they should be going on my birthday list at some point. 

• Figure out what's going on with my eyebrow — Bit of a odd one. Long story short: out of the blue (every few months or so) my left eyebrow itches and then half of it falls out, leaving a burn mark (all without touching it.) No idea why it happens but I'm fed up of it and really want to know why it actually does it. 

• Actually watch all the shows and films in my Netflix list — There's no point in just adding more and more to the queue if I never get around to watching any of them. For anyone interested in currently I'm re-watching the Matt Smith era of Doctor Who and just about to start Pretty Little Liars.

• Look into the logistics of traveling — It's something that I've always wanted to do and I have a few opportunities to visit Australia and New Zealand, so why not.

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  1. Great list! I need a spring clean in this house for sure. So much that can be thrown away to make space!
    I also want to save more and look into traveling, even if it's just around Europe!

    Peach Pow XO


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