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Borrowing a line from one of my favourite films; 'Greetings and Salutations, are you a Heather?' – now name that film! 

As the merry month of March rolls on into April, you'd expect that the weather would have improved somewhat. Just me? Maybe I was just fooling myself. In usual British fashion the start of Spring has brought with it buckets of endless rain, maybe I was being too optimistic when I decided to fork over my hard earned pennies on a new pair of JuJu jelly shoes yesterday. In case anyone's wondering they're black with flecks of silver glitter, maybe somewhat childish but I can still at least try to pull them off once the sun begins to shine. 

Despite the abysmal weather conditions yesterday I decided to brave the elements and venture out into the great big world, falling back on my ever trusty Topshop Leigh jeans; which must be the softest pair that I've ever owned, it's sort of like wearing leggings instead of jeans – to provide shelter for my legs from the cold. I had considered tights but I didn't fancy having to deal with pulling them back up from halfway around my ankles every half hour. To go with it I threw on my favourite shirt, a fitted black three-quarter length sleeved shirt with a small white double diamond print, which is again from Topshop. 

Like I said, as the weather is still so terrible and the air is bitterly cold I quickly put on the first jumper that I pulled out of my wardrobe which happened to be this thick knitted one with a fair-isle owl motive. I found it one day in a charity shop and despite the label claiming that it's supposedly a size fourteen, it fits perfectly! I didn't even have to try and shrink it in the wash! Finally, before I scampered out of the front door like a gazelle, I whipped my thick padded gilet off of the coat rack. As we weren't planning on actually being outside for long I didn't want to have to lug my usual heavy woollen Paddington bear coat around with me all day so I opted for this instead. I snapped it up from Jack Wills two years ago after lusting after it for years on end and despite my reservations about the price tag, I have never regretted it. It's super cosy and has lasted for ages and it still looks (semi) brand new. It's also an added bonus that this possesses one of the only hoods that actually stay up on my head! Ten points to Gryffindor for that!

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  1. Heathers! I don't miss a film starring Winona Ryder haha, also i love that Jack Will's gilet! I've wanted one for so long i'm just simply too poor haha.

    Jennifer's Journal x


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