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Newsflash! I'm still alive. Well it certainly seems that I failed miserably with my last promise to update my blog more regularly. We're now coming towards the end of June and according to my handy little post index, I haven't scribbled anything down on to her since April. I always did say I was the world's worst procrastinator. I can't even really regale all of you with wonderful and interesting adventures that I've been up to as to be brutally honest, there just hasn't been any at all. Not a single sausage. 

Spring has been, delivered a surprisingly rain free few months and has now toddled off to be but a distant memory, making way for what I hope will be an enjoyable summer. In typical blogger fashion I have piles of old make-up favourites and a huge haul of books all waiting to someday be featured on my own little slither of the internet. The poor, well-thumbed books that were purchased with love have all slowly migrated under my bed as there's a not even room for a feather upon my jam packed bookcase, although on the happier side, it does mean that I can do a few reviews here and there on my favourite books that I've picked up over the months (fingers crossed.) 

Now that work is winding down and the end of the school year is rapidly approaching, I'm more determined than ever to get back into this, I seem to go through fleeting stages of intense motivation, swiftly followed by terrible writers block, isn't life a pain in the ass like that? Until then, let me leave you with a few pictures that i'm unashamedly happy with, they actually kinda make me look sorta pretty and 'model-like'. I use that term very loosely, if you can count sitting on a tree stump whilst your cousin borrows your camera 'model-like', along with a few other photos that I took during a family picnic for my Great Aunt's birthday the other day.

- Thanks for reading, Jade

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