caramel suede.

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necklace: Topshop. glasses: jones new york. top: Primark. skirt: Miss Selfridge. boots: Primark

Another day, another set of my now somewhat signature blue and white stripes to wear during a long day of show rehearsals at Uni. I swear it's a different top, I don't wear the same two or three in constant rotation. I paired the ever faithful stripes with a suede mini skirt and a pair of black fringe ankle boots. In theory, perhaps it shouldn't have worked, but, to me at least, I hopefully managed to pull it off fairly well. being the human sloth that I am, I couldn't even summon up the energy to stand up for this one, so instead I hope you enjoy my attempt at sitting like a crossed-legged little pixie in the middle of an overly-lit white practice classroom... taking outfit photos when I really should have been going over my lines again... And again, and again. That's blogging dedication for ya!

- Thanks for reading, Jade x

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