what i ate today.

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So. My plans for a few posts this week have been dashed thanks to becoming rather horribly ill, on show week none the less. I had planned a Birdland outfit of the day post, and thankfully I did get the pictures taken... I just couldn't actually go on stage to play my role. *sob sob* Instead I took the opportunity of good lighting and a nice background to do a new post that I haven't done before in all my years of blogging; a 'What I Ate Today'.

Shock horror. They were out of my beloved Coconut water. So after a few unshed tears for the heart break of not having any coconut flavour goodness in my life I snapped up an apple, pineapple & kiwi smoothie in its place. Now it's all gone and that I foolishly threw the bottle away, I want another... And another. Okay I just want a lifetime supply of the stuff, it's that good. Queue another trip back to the shops to pick up another and ingredients to make some at home myself.

To keep me going throughout the day I pretty much did a clearing sweep of the 'To Go' section in my local Waitrose. I decided upon the 'little and often' approach, and so this is what I had: Chicken Satay with Peanut dip, Taiko Chicken Katsum bites, Smoked ham & mustard mayo sandwich. 

On the whole I hate breakfast. Everything about it in general. Apart from a good cup of tea. That's not too bad. I just can't stand all the flakey pastries, the grease, the mess that you have to clean up afterwards when your already running late as it is. That was until I was blessed to have this fall into my shopping basket for the first time last month. It's a Hazelnut praline croissant, topped with extra hazelnuts. 

- Thanks for reading, Jade 

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