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They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and by my lack of updates this month, I've most defiantly fallen out of my blogging routine. I've had so many posts planned in my head that I've been meaning to get up but once more, as always happens, time has caught up with me. I've had essay deadlines to meet, more college work to do, my twenty-fourth birthday, a trip to New York with sights to see (a full post will be coming up on that soon I promise) and just other bits and pieces that had cropped up along the way.
Life has been mostly okay, a few ups and downs here and there but with still a lot to look forward to hopefully this year will continue to be a rather good one. I need to start trying to be more positive instead of all doom and gloom, clouds having silver linings and all that jazz. I know I've become a bit of a broken record with always saying that I'll blog more often and try my best to get into some form of routine but it never seems to quite happen that way. But this time I'm more determined than ever, especially with the end of my uni year looming ever closer. My choices on that are still up in the air  and at the moment I'm roughly about 60/30 percent on what to do. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea after all, in truth it's been a bit of a palaver more than anything. That's the trouble when all your friends are in the other class. It's been okay, but you know; life isn't always how you'd pictured it.

Also going away has made me realize two things: I'm most certainly a 'home bird' and two, I prefer London. New York was just too hectic for me. I missed my family, my dog and my best friend back home – however Finding Neverland was utterly awe inspiring. Safe to say I pretty much cried buckets from the moment the curtain went up and I'll certainly be planning on seeing it again when it transfers to the West End. I hope in the next couple of weeks more posts will come this way, I really do want to get working on a new monthly favorites as well as a few little reviews of various products here and there that I've been enjoying. So keep your fingers and toes crossed for those. They'll appear one day I'm sure of it.

- Thanks for reading, love Jade xo

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