2017 goals.

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Happy New Year everyone. Now that 2016 is officially over it's time to dust off my keyboard and get back into the swing of things. For me, I've personally never been a fan of 'resolutions', I just find that it comes with all kinds of pressure and added baggage to complete everything on the list. Then when you haven't there's that overwhelming sense of crushing defeat. None of that's overly fun for anyone so let's call them 'goals' instead, cross our fingers and hope for the best.

01. Stop procrastinating & just write
02. Eat more healthily
03. Declutter & get organised
04. Read more books (that aren't Harry Potter)
05. Establish a good passable sleep routine
06. Try to worry less
07. Learn to knit
08. Clear up my skin 
09. Get outside and explore
10. Try out yoga

All the best for the new year and a fresh start. Thanks for reading, love Jade x

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